Do you do eye-tests?

No we are a specialised spectacle maker trained to interpret optical prescriptions and fit and service optical spectacle frames and lenses.  This includes making sure lenses conform to the prescription from your Optometrist or eye specialist and shaping lenses and fitting them to the frames, making sure they conform to meet quality standards.


How do I get my prescription?

Ask your Optometrist for a copy of your current prescription or we can obtain it on your behalf with your permission.  


Do you do repairs on my glasses?

Yes we can do many types of repairs including replacing spring hinges which is a common repair needed.  We can also replace worn nose pads and replace scratched or broken lenses.  For other types of repairs ask and we'll see what we can do.


How long does it take to get my glasses?

We offer a 24 hour service on single vision stock lenses, grind lenses including progressives allow 10 working days.


Do you make prescription sunglasses?

Yes we offer this service for all types of lenses in non-polarised or polarised to Australian quality standards.

Sample tints available to choose from.


Do you supply computer glasses?

Yes and we also offer the Blue Ease protection to help to reduce a percentage of emitted computer UV rays.

The benefit is more comfortable viewing.  Available in prescription or non-prescription lenses.


Are you a registered provider of Health Fund rebates?

Yes we are.  We can supply an itemised invoiced for you to present to your health fund.  Just ask at time of purchase.