This service with the consumer in mind began 10 years ago.  My wife had purchased and brought home a pair of computer glasses that cost more then a week's pay.  Being a qualified Optical Dispenser/Mechanic, I was determined to do something to bring price of spectacles down to an affordable level for everyone.  An online store was the initial avenue to assist people however being able to listen to customer needs at grass roots level is where we have positioned ourselves so we can continue serving into the future.


An Optical Dispenser/Mechanic is trained to interpret optical prescriptions and fit and service optical spectacle frames and lenses.  This includes making sure lenses conform to the prescription of the eye specialist or optometrist and shaping lenses and fitting them to the frames, making sure they meet quality standards.



Pay for the frame, not the name! When you pay high prices you are often paying for the Brand which has an inflated value. Our prescription glasses are affordable because we buy mainly direct from the manufacturer and don’t invest in brand names while still offering stylish quality frames.  We are conscious that most people will need glasses at some stage in their lives and many like to buy wisely and save.

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